Improve your home without breaking the bank

In the current climate many people are considering improving their home with the belief that the property market will recover from it’s recent slump.

Lets face it this makes sense as economic climates in the UK always fluctuate in a circular manner and there is no reason to doubt that this will the case again.

Having said all that we’re all suffering with the “crunch” meaning that there is less cash to spend.

Conservatories are an excellent way to add value to your property, however, costs can prohibitive but there are ways to cut these costs.

I have already posted an article about DIY conservatories on this site yet there are ways to further reduce the costs for a conservatory; get an easy framing unit and install it yourself.

A great example of this from Direct Conservatories 4U who have produced a movie a shown below:

I have actually used this system myself and, with no building experience at all, found it to be like a giant lego set! very easy. What a great way to save even more money from the cost of a conservatory.

Planning Permission For Conservatories

There are many different regulations connected to planning permission for conservatory builds.

Planning permission in general can be a real pain for the uninitiated, to make it slight easier!, here are some of the conditions regarding the regulations.

(These conditions only apply to apply England and Wales only). Planning Permission for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire and North American are totally different – if in doubt get local authority advice on the matter.

Is Planning Permission Required Usually for Conservatories?
Permission for conservatories, In England and Wales, is not normally needed as long as the conservatory does not go over the allowed limit for your house.

If you are in any doubt regulations, double check with your local authority.

Here are some sites that provide more information on the subject and may help you avoid having to ring the local council!:

Direct Conservatories 4U have a very informative page here planning permission for conservatories

Also provide an equally informative page here planning permission for your conservatory.

Remember though that the most detailed information will be supplied by your local authority.

Why DIY Your Conservatory?

DIY Conservatories are normally purchased direct from the Manufacturer making the units less expensive. Most DIY conservatories start at lower prices than the alternative supply and fit conservatories. For instance if you had a supply and fit quote for around £10K, a DIY equivalent is more than likely to be at least 50% less than this price, in most cases the savings would be even more than this.

How difficult is it to DIY your Conservatory?

Suppliers of DIY conservatories provide installation instructions to be followed by you or your builders.

So you can choose to project manage the installation of your new DIY conservatory using a local builder or brave the DIY approach. You will save a substantial amount of expenditure compared to normal retail prices for supply and fit.

Who supplies DIY conservatories?

There are many DIY conservatory suppliers in the UK market; however, the sites that follow are those that I feel provide a good selection at competitive prices.

Direct Conservatories 4U Provide an excellent range of DIY conservatories, with great installation instructions and planning permission information on site. provide a lot of information regarding DIY conservatories with a very useful FAQ’s section.

For DIY conservatory bases I would first visit, who hold a great selection of bases and provide information to assist you with selecting the correct base for your project.

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The Weird Toilet House

toliet house

This house, built by the founding member of the World Toilet Association, is dedicated to providing clean sanitation to the more than 2 billion people who live without toilets. Its official name is Haewoojae, which is Korean for “a place of sanctuary where one can solve one’s worries.”

Weird Factor: 9/10